Gourmet w/ Gavin: Five Zoom Friendly Breakfast Foods

Gavin Anderson '22, Columnist

The woes of online learning have wreaked havoc on students’ eating schedules worldwide, and the need for creative, nutritional alternatives has never been greater. Here at the Log, We have selected the five best Zoom-friendly breakfast foods for your mornings on the go, useful for keeping you energized for that dreaded first class.

The Criteria:

We considered four points when evaluating the options:
1- Grab and Go
No one has time to make eggs two minutes before history class.
2- Quiet
Potato chips and Shakespeare recitations are not a good match.
3- Not spillable
Calculus is hard enough.
4- Discreet
Eggs Benedict is sure to draw eyes at 8 a.m.

#1 Smoothies
No one will bat an eye at a beverage. Packed full of fruits and vegetables, smoothies are an optimal choice for both nutrition and convenience for your online learning needs.

#2 Protein Bars
While not the perfect meal, it’s fantastic for when the clock is not on your side. With hundreds of options, you’re sure to find a reliable choice that’ll live in your pantry.

#3 Yogurt
A healthy and easy option, yogurt is a prime choice for multitasking. Attracted to these qualities, many of your classmates are sure to be doing the same.

#4 Bagels
A staple breakfast food on the Island, bagels are the best when you have time for your toaster. However, they do require the mute button for full enjoyment.

#5 Fruit
Tried and true, from clementines to fruit bowls, this all-natural, healthy, discreet solution takes the cake as the supreme Zoom-friendly breakfast food.