Winter Term 2 Boarding Policies


Loomis Chaffee

Pictured above is a student grabbing a quick snack from the ice cream trucks in the quad that have been a fun addition to campus during FT2.

Samuel Ross '23

On February 1, the second term of winter begins. Students from all over the world will return to campus and reunite with their classmates as they make their way back to the dorms. Earlier this year, Loomis Chaffee conducted a similar return to campus for Fall Term 2 which included strict COVID-19 restrictive policies to ensure the safety of students and faculty in the community.

Now we face similar challenges in our return to campus for Winter Term 2. But what exactly differentiates this return from the last one?

Winter Term 2 will begin with boarding students registering two negative COVID-19 tests conducted on January 25 and on January 31, followed by a 5-day quarantine from February 1 through February 5. During this quarantine, classes will be conducted online and boarders will be able to participate in fun online games with their dorms and the rest of the school community.

Once the one-week quarantine is over, day students will once again be able to come onto campus with a negative COVID test and in-person classes and activities will resume on February 8.

While Fall Term 2 was only a five-week period that students stayed on campus, our upcoming return will last for the remainder of the school year with a few short breaks in between terms during which boarders must stay on campus for but will not have classes. But what exactly does Loomis have planned for these breaks?

“We do have an outdoor skating rink that’s going up in the quad area,” Dean of Student Life Jessica Matzkin said, “we are also working with the town to create some spaces around campus that have some outdoor heaters and chairs.”

Mark Zunino, the Dorm Head of Harman Hall, commented on residential life saying, “we will ride the wave of excitement that students are feeling.”
He also added that “we want to get to, hopefully as the year progresses, that sense of normalcy.”

Another idea that might continue during Winter Term 2 is having food trucks come as they did during Fall Term 2.

Pictured above is a student grabbing a quick snack from the ice cream trucks in the quad that have been a fun addition to campus during FT2. Photo credit: Loomis Chaffee

“The fact that we even get to be together even with restrictions is a huge bonus and we have to make the best of it that we can, and if we do it really well it will get easier… but it takes the whole community to do it well,” said Dean Matzkin.

However, the administration also commented on the necessity for students to follow the school’s COVID-19 protocols—regardless of how difficult it may feel to do so.

Mary Liscinsky, COVID-19 coordinator, stated that “the decisions that people make are going to affect other people, so choosing not to follow best practices could have an impact on the people around you. So, we all have to take care of each other.”

Dean Matzkin emphasized that “being a teenager during the pandemic is hard, you don’t get to be a typical teenager, so we put in restrictions in place so that you can all be together [on campus], and healthy and safe.”