Question of the Issue: Will you be returning to campus for Winter Term 2?

Mattie will be returning as a day student in February.

Emily Khym '23, Staff Writer

Mattie McCann ’23
“For my family and I, we made the decision to have me go back to in person classes as a day student. There weren’t specific reasons why we made this decision, except we discussed how my parents who work from home may be exposed every time I come home in the evenings. I’m excited to be back in person because I miss seeing my friends every day.”

Primrose Chittikuladilok ’22
“I’m not returning to campus. My family and I considered the number of coronavirus cases, racial prejudices (I myself have experienced that while travelling back during March last year), and the quality of healthcare (Asia vs. America). It has been rough attending online classes with time zone differences, but online classes have also allowed me to reconnect back with my family and the city of Bangkok. I would also note that the decision on attending in-person vs. online classes has been an emotional rollercoaster as there are so many factors taken into account in a major and almost life-changing experience.”

Brian Choi ’24
“I’m going to go back on campus next term. I’m looking forward to meeting my friends and getting to experience campus life again.”

Cyrus Wong ’22
“Yes, I’m returning to campus in Winter Term 2. My biggest concern is health issues. Since the COVID-19 situation in the US and in Connecticut has worsened, my parents are worried about whether it is safe for me to return. But since Loomis did a relatively good job in Fall Term 2, we feel more comfortable and trust that Loomis will be able to handle the situation. I also haven’t been socialising with a lot of my friends since I came back to Hong Kong, so I really want to go back, get to experience the boarding life, and see my friends again. I’m very excited to return to campus! It’s been almost a year since I last set foot in Loomis’ campus. Looking forward to in-person classes a lot!”

Dean of Students Mr. Michael Donegan
“I think it’s the right decision to try again like we did in the fall. In-person learning and the connections that happen beyond learning are what we value greatly. We also had some students who struggled with online learning, so we want to be present with them to best help them. We really miss most of you!”