Bacon, Egg, and Cheese: The Loomis Chaffee Holy Grail

Gavin Anderson '22, Contributor

If you asked Loomis Chaffee students what their favorite campus snack, breakfast, or even just food is, odds are, our internationally acclaimed bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, a.k.a the BEC, is going to come up more than once.

Stacks of sandwiches in silvery aluminum foil, decidedly crafted at the Grill, are lined up each morning, awaiting the eager hands of hungry students, to be savored together with friends. The SNUG, a student hangout-and-study space that houses the Grill, is a popular spot during school hours, but it really comes alive between the first and second periods, vibrant with homework and chatter. A very welcome accessory to a studying student, BECs exemplify a more profound importance to the Pelicans.

At its core, the BEC is an on-the-go food, perfect for a study session or cross-campus jog from class to class. Loomis mornings are full of last-minute fixes and nail biting before class, but relief and reward dressed in aluminum foil await cold hands looking for a quick spirit-raiser.

Breakfast in the SNUG is a commonality between the students, enjoyed with friends—the epitome the Loomis Grind. The Grill has organically become a hub for students to reward themselves for a good grade or to find a weapon to arm themselves with to get through the day.

This staple in the school’s culture is more than the mere “most important meal of the day,” but is a vehicle for stories to be told, knowledge bestowed, and laughs shared — all during a brief, 15-minute passing period on a brisk LC morning.