Halloween Horoscopes


Isabella Wang

Fall Horoscopes

Mercuri Lam '24, Contributor

Fall Horoscopes
Let’s say a fall festival is being hosted on campus, and in the autumn spirit, you decide to go and check it out. There are food stations, an apple bobbing booth, and even a haunted house! As you look around, you notice each of the astrological signs muddling through the festivities—how are they doing in this fun fall event? Only the stars will tell…

You have literally spent entire days planning for this festival, and now your dream is coming true! After wasting your entire day building every part of this festival from the bottom up, you now set your eyes on something even better: the Christmas dance (how shocking). You cannot wait to pitch your next idea to StuActs in the upcoming meeting, but it won’t hurt to loosen yourself up and have fun for at least an hour or two. Maybe even have some hot chocolate while you’re at it? They have marshmallows on top.

You have stuffed yourself full of caramel apples, funnel cake, and pie, but a new food has caught your attention: pumpkin flavored cupcakes. Can your stomach handle them? Probably not. Do you still reach for them? Yes, you do (and I’m proud of you). As you taste the autumny spiced treat, you wonder what to do next. Maybe you’ll try the ring toss? They had some delicious looking cookies as prizes, after all…

After deeping your classes to help set up the festival with your Aries friends, you sit down, only to be called over once again, this time to help look after the pumpkin carving booth. You don’t really mind though: helping people is in your blood. Your assignments and overdue asynchronous work may be piling up back in your room, but to be honest, they can wait. Just live in the moment and enjoy the peace until you remember your SAT next week that you have not reviewed for. Now it’s time to freak out (again).

Amidst all the chaos, you find yourself using your artistic talents to make corn husk dolls for the little kids on campus. You didn’t expect to be in this position, seeing that your friends dragged you out from the RAC into the cold. But surprisingly, you’re enjoying yourself. As you look around at the intrigued and bright faces, you smile: coming to this festival wasn’t as bad as you thought.

You randomly decided to challenge every single game booth! The others shoot you dirty looks as you walk down the meadows, hands full of prizes from every game you’ve won. But you don’t care–you were giving them to your dormmates anyway. You were playing (and winning) solely for the thrill of it all.

From the haunted house to the game booths, you had meticulously planned everything you were going to do to “maximize your fun” at the fair. But when the lines get too long and throw a wrench into your perfect evening, you start to panic. With your original plans now at a standstill, you find yourself on the verge of a mental breakdown as you wait in line at the pumpkin carving competition. You’re now dead set on the goal of winning this contest and nothing less. Only then can you do everything else on your three-page to do list…before the night ends.

It’s been almost 20 minutes but you still haven’t decided where to go. Your friends have already left because they were so sick of waiting, but to you, everything seems so exciting! With that, though, comes indecisiveness…what’s going to the best use of your time? The haunted house or the apple bobbing stand? Better pick fast, though. Before you know it, the fair might just be over, and you’ll just be locked up in your dorm again.

Working in the haunted house could not be better. Scaring people for six hours? Sign me up! You love the shock on people’s faces when you jump out from the shadows. But when a little kid starts crying, you become a deer in headlights. What will you do? Thankfully, you remember the maple candy in your pocket and use it to comfort them. The child walks away with a teary-eyed smile and for some unknown reason, you grin too. Helping them made you happier, and with the same smile, you get ready for another round of teens and teachers braving the haunted house. (BOO!)

You’re one with fall right now, and as someone who tries out new things in the spirit of adventure, you’ve decided to try the most adventurous thing there is — apple bobbing! The large tub of water and apples looks daunting, but you go for it either way. What’s the worst that could happen? Your clothes and hair get soaking wet, but you don’t mind: the fall spirit has gotten (too far) into you for you to stop.

Your friends have decided that it was a good idea to, despite your vehement protests, go and brave the haunted house! (Woo…I guess…) After a cup or two of apple cider, you’re ready to go in, or so you thought. As soon as you step inside, you come to regret your decision: the place was just too far beyond your comfort zone. You end up making your way to the exit after a minute in and just avoid the building all evening. Well, I guess there’s always next year.

You are walking down the festival when something new catches your eye: witch hats. One of the game booths has them as a prize, and you run towards the colorful setup. Despite your friends’ protests, you still tried your hand at winning. Sadly, your luck ran too short, and you walk out with a defeated face and $15 lighter until you see — are those halloween skull plushies? Your friends moan and groan behind you, but you still run and try again for the prize. Maybe you’ll win this time?

Sitting on a bench with Halloween music in your ears, you hack away at the pumpkin on your table. That’s right, you too have decided to participate in the pumpkin carving competition with your Virgo schoolmate. After an hour or two of chisels, paint, and even a little bit of glitter, your pumpkin is finally complete. The thing looks like a masterpiece, and you can hear the “oohs” and “aahs” from everyone else near you. You aren’t usually one for the spotlight, but your smile when the judge hands you the prize couldn’t be bigger.