International Student Ambassadors Pick Your Next Playlist

Cultural Diffusion Week 2

Mercy Olagunju '22, Opinion Editor

Dear Curious and Diverse Music Connoisseurs,

Welcome back to the International Student Ambassadors’ internationally-themed playlist: Cultural Diffusion. I’m Mercy Olagunju ’22 and I’m the co-head of the International Student Ambassadors along with Cyrus Wong ’22. Together, the ISAs created this wonderful compilation of musical hits compiled from different countries and cultures. On this list, you can find casual international jams, or more culturally significant songs. To spice things up a little, I’ll be dropping one of my favorite songs from Nigeria every issue, so make sure to keep an eye out for those! Listen and enjoy this week’s Cultural Diffusion…

Bonne Écoute!

P.S. You can also suggest international songs you like! To submit suggestions, email Cyrus Wong ’22 or Mercy Olagunju ’22.

If by Davido

Language: English and Pidgin;
Genre: Pop

Blessings by Tommy Lee Sparta

Language: English and Patois
Genre: Reggae/ Dancehall

Dynamite by BTS

Language: English
Genre: K-pop

那些年 Those Bygone Years by Hu Xia

Language: Chinese
Genre: Movie Soundtrack

“Hãy trao cho anh” by Son Tung MTP

Language: Vietnamese
Genre: Pop

To My Youth by BOL4

Language: Korean
Genre: Indie/ K-pop

And here is one for the strong independent ladies and Mercy’s very own favorite:

Independent Ladies by Ajebutter22

Language: Yoruba and English
Genre: Pop