LCXC: Parents’ Weekend Triumph


Isabel Gorton ’18

As the reigning Founder’s League champions, our cross country teams entered this season with a target on their backs and a considerable amount of confidence.

Their determined head coaches, Rebecca Purdy of the girls’ team and Sally Knight of the boys’, are committed to the success of each individual and the group as a whole. Together they are striving to plan weekly workouts that challenge and push each student, while effectively furthering their goals as a united force. This Parents’ Weekend represents the culmination of such dedication and hard work.

Arriving on the beautiful New England campus of Deerfield Academy, our teams recognized that they had a tough fight ahead of them. Going head-to-head with some of the toughest, most renowned schools in Choate Rosemary Hall and Deerfield, the Loomis Chaffee athletes strove to keep a level head and focus on their preparation leading up to this meet.

The 5k course (approximately 3.1 miles) winded through the autumn woods, up hills, over ditches, around soccer and athletic fields, outlined the entire campus. After jogging the course and getting a mental picture of the race ahead, it was time for the teams to line up along the starting line.

With loud cheers and nervous excitement, the runners were off upon hearing the gunfire! Although spectators could not see the entire race, it became apparent upon the final sprint that Loomis Chaffee once again had taken the lead.

Erin Jones ’16 ran in as the number one runner for the entire girl’s varsity race with an impressive time of 19:33.

Following closely in her tracks were three Loomis runners, taking the top four places of the varsity race. Similarly with the boys varsity race, Lars Schuster sped in as first place with the leading time of 16:24. This amazing finish was  followed by yet another Loomis runner taking second place.

After calculating the results and carefully weighing the runners’ times, Loomis emerged victorious. With hard work and preparation, the JV and Varsity teams will continue on their successful road until the end of the season until yet another hard-fought meet names us triumphant.

Let’s go LCXC!