How to Prep for Your Next SAT/ACT Test Day

Isabella Jiang '22, Contributor

Your entire schooling career seems to have built up to this single culminating moment, a test that decides your entire future. But your twelve (plus) years of “preparation” isn’t going to be enough.

No. Instead, society has decided your pathway to success is through your decision to spend every spare moment sitting with a large book in three-hour intervals, coloring in countless circles on a page with your number two pencil—the true test of intellect and character. Ultimately, the big question eventually arises among the scrambling upperclassmen: how do we ace society’s game?

However, this initial thought is already a misconception. Sure, partaking in society’s ultimate test (literally) is beneficial, but is it a guaranteed ticket to your future? Not quite. There is a far more compelling inquiry: how do we beat society’s game? There is obviously no “A for participation,” so how does one come out victorious in the end? The answer is simple: you don’t play the game.

At this point, you may be confused. “What do you mean don’t play the game? You can’t just avoid it.” And you are absolutely correct (with the exception of this year, as many schools are going test-optional…), which is exactly why I’m going to introduce the right way to prepare for your SAT/ACT.

Most guides claim practice is the most effective method to success. The idiom “practice makes perfect” has been repeated so often that it has automatically been accepted into the white noise that is life. However, beating the game takes far more than complying with the small black print typed out by someone you’ve never met. You need to stray from the slogans of the past and make your own. After all, “think outside of the box,” they’ve always said.

You can live during a pandemic when no one can take the test. What better way to beat this competition-reliant system than to have no competition at all? There may be other minor consequences, such as the deterioration of your physical health and social life, but the abandonment of these distractions just gives you more time to focus on what’s important (college apps). After all, colleges like to see dedicated, passionate, and hardworking people: quality over quantity.

Toss the books–you don’t need them. Of course, if you do take the test but can’t discipline yourself to follow through with your studies, remember your friends will always be there for you–I’m sure they’ll willingly support your journey toward your goals. Instead, all you need is believing in yourself, the support of others, and an IQ above Einstein’s. Understandably, in the case that you do not have access to the requirements mentioned above, there’s always plenty of other options.

Finally, if all else fails, remember, there is always WAP (worship and prayer). Nothing is more powerful than the absolute word of the Lord, and if he’s on your side, what can go against you? Certainly not the college system. It’s almost like a backup creative mode for life (except your friend has the remote control).

With these fresh new tips, I’m sure you’re all set to face your next SAT/ACT test day. Drink lots of water, eat well, sleep well, and don’t forget, never, ever trust the small black print typed out by someone you’ve never met.