More Work with Less Workspace

Zoe Santilli '23, Contributor

Loomis Chaffee’s decision to close boarding for Fall Term I combined with increased amounts of asynchronous work has resulted in a dilemma for many on-campus students. With dorms closed, extremely slow wifi, and bees swarming the outdoor tents, students struggle to find places to complete their increased amount of work and to socialize during the school day.

The new schedule allows day students to roam campus and follow their own established homework and asynchronous classwork schedule while simultaneously spending time with friends and relaxing. The extended free periods allow for students to practice time management skills and for all students to figure out how they learn best, which is imperative due to the increased workload this year.

However, there are some downsides. It is more awkward when spending time with friends because of social distancing. Prior to the pandemic, my friends and I would always meet together in the library couches during community frees to talk about our day and work. Not only are many of my friends missing because boarders cannot return yet, but sitting that closely together now is not permitted because of the pandemic. Finally, the threat of a global pandemic alone can be disheartening, even with all Loomis has done to keep students and faculty safe.

First off, I have received more work this year than before. The only reason I have been able to get more work done is because of all the free time I have. However, most of my free time happens right in the middle of the day, meaning I have to work at school. This leaves me with a few choices.

The first is the library. Perfect for studying with its focused atmosphere, I ventured there first. If it were not for the dreadfully slow wifi speed, it would have been the perfect place to work.

Next, I travel over to the tents. Most of the time, these are the perfect work environment. They are usually not too busy and are perfect for spending time with friends as well. But there is a reason for the tents’ emptiness.

One of the scariest creatures known to man buzz around here all the time: the yellow jacket. Though small, these insects make it impossible to focus on work. Multiple times, the yellow jackets have swarmed me while I’ve been doing my homework. Normally I can focus on my homework fairly easily, but a bug with a massive stinger buzzing back and forth across my screen makes that pretty much impossible.

Until I find the workspace that is right for me, I shall keep traveling to different parts of campus in search of the perfect place. I miss the days of last year when I could find peace and quiet to work in my boarder friends’ dorms. Will I choose the slow internet or vicious yellow jackets? Which is the worse of the two evils?