Zoom Workouts Help Pelicans Stay Healthy

Ashley Valdez-Rodriguez, Contributor

What it took for people to start working out consistently was a global pandemic that locked us all inside of our homes for half a year. Now, with plenty of Loomis Chaffee students who took up working out as a hobby over our extended break, Zoom workouts will be an effective way to continue athletic exercises during Fall Term I.

At the start of the worldwide lockdowns, no one knew what to do with their new spare time. Every public establishment was closed off to the public, including gyms. With no gym equipment, how would the gym junkies of the world work out?

Fitness influencers such as Chloe Ting and Pamela Reif benefitted from that dilemma. Their workout routine videos on Youtube gained millions of views from people in search of home exercises. However, their workout videos were not enough to keep those same people inspired for long. The reason for this is because Ting and Reif’s workouts did not cater to beginners. Many people would start their programs, but few would actually finish.

The fitness platform that the Loomis Athletic Department is using to guide the workouts is called PLT4M. PLT4M offers various different athletic programs for schools and students to choose from. Students are likely to complete their Zoom workouts because there is a program for everyone. For example, if you are a beginner to working out, FIT101: Intro to Fitness is a twenty-three-day beginner-friendly program that teaches Loomis students the basic steps to popular exercises.

There will be some students who have chosen to take remote workouts but might not have the motivation to work out every day after their online classes. Luckily for them, students are only required to work out four days a week. You can also choose which days and what time you will exercise. With so much flexibility in your workout schedule, students are likely to be engaged in their programs.

To make sure that students are on track with their workout programs and to clear up any misunderstandings, students will also have Zoom meetings with their individual groups and group leaders.

Zoom workouts are a convenient and engaging afternoon activity for any Loomis Chaffee student. The activity provides the students with an organized way of improving their health while enjoying themselves.