LCGJVS: Undefeated and Undying Love


Photo Courtesy of Justine Baird ’17

There are many reasons I love the Loomis Chaffee Girls JV Soccer team: the fun we have, the success we have had, and the closeness everyone has with each other to name a few. The undefeated record is just a simple bonus. Having been through a lot over the course of the first half of the season, this team has grown to feel more like a family. And, as one of the team’s captains, I can fully say that this team has exceeded my expectations.

This beginning of the season was by far the hardest stretch, taking on Andover, Choate, Taft, and Westminster all within the first couple of weeks. Andover, our first game, was the chance to see the team’s potential, and as a captain and returning junior, learn if it was going to be a long season (for obvious reasons). Up for the majority of the game, we survived until the very last minute, conceding a tying goal on an Andover corner. For the record, the call for a corner was disputed, and I am still bitter. But, knowing that it is a big deal to tie Andover in our first game, I saw it as a win.

Choate and Taft served to be good tests, but not great. Our skill was beginning to show, defeating Choate 2-0 and Taft 6-0. At this point, all the returners were ecstatic. It was the best start LCGJVS had in a really long time.

The big opponent on the calendar was Westminster. Last year, we handed Westminster their first loss in multiple years. The team is always a powerhouse, boasting of more upperclassman than underclassman on their roster. Unfair to say the least, taking them on would be a big test to the nice looking zero in our loss column. The returners were incredibly nervous, the newbys incredibly confused.

Game day arrived, and we put in 110% effort, resulting in a 2-0 victory. Beating Westminster the first time around (we play them twice every season) was huge. That win perfectly embodies this season for the LCGJVS soccer program.

The season continued to go well, not conceding goals for weeks and still rocking the big, fat zero in our loss column. Playing Deerfield during Parents’ Weekend and conceding first, the entire team realized it was our first time being down. We quickly changed that and ended up winning 5-2.

Since we were undefeated, it would make sense for the team’s atmosphere to be serious and intense, continuously focused on our unblemished record. On the contrary, this soccer team has always found a way to have fun. We have sung during conditioning, laughed during plain drills, and playfully made fun of each other. The team has the juniors, sophomores, and freshman all intermixed. The more quiet people now talk as much as the louder ones, the more introverted just as involved as the extroverted. We are one, big, 20-person family. So, the bus rides really don’t suck that much.

Unlike in most JV teams, the goals and assists are widespread. Every girl is talented and it shows on the field. Overall, this team has the potential to complete an undefeated season. Although we still have NMH, Westy (again), and Hotchkiss to take on, I really believe that we can finish without a loss. We are good enough to be fierce competition for any opponent. But, I know in the end, LCGJVS will still be a family, undefeated or not.