Student Activities and Clubs Adapt to COVID-19 Restrictions

Sofia Preuss '23, Contributor

The coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of the Loomis Chaffee community and continues to make its mark by impacting school clubs. Despite this, Student Activities is working hard to overcome added obstacles created by COVID-19 and to provide the community with a safe and fun way to participate in organizations.

The many dangers attributed to the virus have forced Student Activities to make a number of changes to school clubs until it is safe enough to return to normalcy. Club meetings, the club fair, and the club approval process have all been altered to cater to the new restrictions and guidelines put into place by health professionals.

“We moved all of our student group sign-ups online this year. This was an initiative we were looking for and hoping to do no matter what, but in times of COVID, it kind of pushed us into the 21st century,” Director of Student Activities Andris Briga said.

Potential club leaders and student groups filled out an online survey that highlighted the important details of their club ideas. This form asked for the club or organization’s name, advisor, student leaders, mission, and suggested meeting plan.

“We are starting off with approving clubs and seeing which clubs can be of substance to the Loomis Chaffee club system,” Student Council Clubs Coordinator Emily Khym ’23 said.

Over 50 club proposals were submitted. Student Activities is now working diligently with each organization to create a plan that follows the guidelines they have put together.

The clubs fair, normally held on the Grubbs Quad, has also been moved to an online platform.

“It’s going to be a club sign up fair through video…basically clubs have to make a 30-second video and…[and] submit it to Mr. Briga. Students can watch and get a glimpse of what the club is like.” Emily said.

After watching the compiled video, community members will fill out a student interest form and sign up for their favorite groups. Student Activities is still looking into other possible online club recruitment opportunities to provide the most information to students about different clubs prior to sign-ups.

The clubs’ coordinating group has also found themselves helping clubs more than ever through the beginning stages of the proposal process because of COVID restrictions.

“A lot of organizations have already set up faculty advisors, but we’re trying to guide student group clubs, so they can be productive in school which we would be keeping track of,” Emily said.

These faculty advisors also will help to keep clubs on track and safe.

Some club logistics are still being determined, but Student Activities is confident that clubs, old and new, will return to our community in safe, new ways.