Transitioning to Dorm Life: New Students Speak Out


BenBen Singhasaneh ’18

Freshman, new sophomores, and post-graduates are the most common new students at Loomis Chaffee. Students come from an array of places ranging from domestic public/private schools in Connecticut and New York to international schools in countries like China and Russia.

With such a variety of students, Loomis makes sure to accommodate them through various activities and events such as the ropes course, the Amazing Race, and cookouts to name a few. These activities ensure the students’ adjustment to the community, not only allowing them to meet their peers, but also by giving them the opportunity to engage with and experience what Loomis has to offer.

Dorm life is also a huge aspect that contributes to the adjustment of new boarders. Dorms often host a variety of activities that accustom the boarders to dorm life, such as K-ball and dorm cookouts/outings. One is also guaranteed the opportunity to gain 40-50 brothers/sisters within the dorm who have the ability to truly change your experience at Loomis.

New sophomore Tom Sukboontip said, “I am really enjoying Kravis and what is has to offer. Everyone in the dorm is so friendly and it was so easy to become an integral part of it.” When asked whether the transition to Loomis from his previous school was easy or not, he responded by saying, “Coming from a junior boarding school, I was used to dorm life and the environment of a classic college preparatory school.”

Freshman Christopher Lucero also found it easy adjusting to dorm life. He specifically stated, “Dorm activities such as Harman Athletic Club (HAC) has helped me get to know everyone in my dorm.” Overall, whether the student is from a junior boarding school in Massachusetts or an international school in China, he or she is sure to feel comfortable and safe at Loomis.

Last year, as a freshman, I came into Loomis, afraid, worried, and nervous as to how I would be able to adjust to such a big school. Coming from a private school with only about 30 other students in my grade, I thought the transition would be a huge challenge for me.

Clearly, such emotions were unnecessary, as I was able to easily adjust to the dorm and Loomis through the orientation programs and activities that both my dorm and Loomis had to offer. Dorm life played a huge role on my transition and adjustment to Loomis.

Through the dorm, I was able to make 40 new friends ranging from my freshman peers to the junior prefects. Such a bond formed with my dorm allowed me to gain a better sense of the community at Loomis. Now, I can easily tell new students to not fret and worry about adjusting to the school as it is a natural process that every new student experiences.

Although the transition from being at home with family to living in a dorm 24/7 can be a daunting experience, the events and activities that Loomis and the dorms host, evidently help boarders to become accustomed to the boarding life. My advice for new students is to take advantage of all the opportunities that Loomis and your dorms provide you with in terms of your adjustment to the school. whether the different dorm activities or even the orientation programs.