15 Ways to Keep Yourself Focused During Zoom Class


Lana Sheng '22

The Zoom Expert

Lana Sheng '22, Staff Writer

It seems like Zoom classes have been being held forever. Since initial excitement and concerns have long faded away, it’s easy to find ourselves losing focus in class. Here are some incredibly helpful tips to ensure that you stay focused and maximize your education as we come into the final stretch of spring term!

1. Put away all distractions like your phone, your really cute pet (Dog? Cat? Pig? Rat? Boa constrictor? Rock? No matter—this is a judgment free zone), gaming equipment, and anything else that might invite temptation (I’m looking at you, leftover cookies from last night!)
2. If possible, close your door so your environment is nice and quiet.
3. Take notes during class to stay engaged. Perhaps stare at your hands a bit or even twiddle your thumbs for a finger workout!
4. Check the time to see how much is left. What? It’s only been five minutes into the first block? Could’ve sworn it was almost the third block already.
5. Correction: Don’t check how much time is left. It’ll only make it worse. Trust me.
6. Ignore the Netflix tab that your fingers just somehow magically opened.
7. Ignore the new season of Brooklyn 99 that your fingers just, again, somehow magically clicked on. Back to Zoom! Stay focused!
8. Count the number of times your teacher blinks in a minute.
9. Observe your posture. Are you sitting like a spineless monster? Utilize your vertebrae and sit-up straight!
10. Have a side conversation with your friend on social media. FAIL! THIS WAS A TRICK QUESTION. (What? It’s not a question? I have no idea what you’re talking about…)
11. Remind yourself that you need to pay attention because it’s not pass/fail! Your future rides on this one Zoom call! Oh wait, it is pass/fail. Phew.
12. Pretend your classmates are on an episode of Jeopardy.
13. It’s rude to eat during class, but no one said anything about cooking! Make yourself a juicy steak or some fudgy brownies while listening to your English discussion.
14. Never underestimate the power of a good study playlist! Go on, browse Spotify and explore obscure artists in the name of productivity. As your local Zoom expert, I can testify that a “workout music for hamsters playlist” exists on Spotify.
15. This is an outside-the-Zoom-room activity. Download a brain-training app to improve your focus. I suggest Candy Crush for those problem solving skills, Piano Tiles for those reflexes, and Animal Crossing for creativity and socializing.

Armed with these 15 life-changing tips, there is no doubt that you will become the most focused person in your class Zoom!