Musical Revue Takes on Remote Singing

Mariapaula Gonzalez '22, Staff Writer

Every spring term for the past 20 years, Musical Revue, also known as MRev, has performed a grand show in the Hubbard Auditorium after practicing for an entire year. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they are unable to showcase their talents on campus this year.

Brett Donshik ’21, one of the club’s leaders as well as a staff writer for the Log, still plans to incorporate MRev into his spring term. “We want to show the LC community that we are still here and still making music,” Brett said.

The club had its first Zoom call several weeks ago to share ideas for their virtual performance. Currently, the performers are working on their annual piece, “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway show Rent, which they have been performing since the club’s debut.

Clara Chen ’21, the club’s pianist, recorded the accompaniment for the piece so that the members could practice their own individual parts. MRev hopes to share a video with the rest of the community before the end of the school year.

Emma Kane ’21, another leader, shares an optimistic view about MRev’s spring term. “Although it’s difficult to continue most musical endeavors virtually, we still want to share some of our favorite music with the school,” Emma said.

Although they can’t have a spring term performance, MRev still hopes to encourage underclassmen to audition this upcoming year.

“The club is very upperclassmen-dominant this year, based on the people who auditioned this year. We are hoping to have more younger students join to make the club a bit bigger,” Brett said.

The club’s hard work and dedication throughout the year were not for nothing. MRev will use the work from this year for the next group of performers. The leaders believe that having this rough patch will make the team even stronger as a group when they return to campus.

A typical spring term for MRev would be about three rehearsals a week because of show crunch, fine-tuning their repertoire of about fourteen songs, and lots and lots of vocal rest. The members of MRev have taken the best out of remote learning and cannot wait to show their upcoming virtual performance of “Seasons of Love.” The club aims to prepare a fantastic show for next year despite this setback.

“Even with remote learning, music can still be present… We really want to encourage people to continue pursuing music, whether that be in MRev, Acapelicans, or any other music ensembles,” Brett said.

Makayla McPherson ’20, the third leader, offered some inspirational advice for all musicians who have been affected by remote learning: “One thing I would say is to keep smiling and keep singing!”