Mr. Lance Hall Keeps Physical Plant Running During COVID

Harry Knight '21, News Editor

While students have been sent home due to social distancing protocols, Loomis Chaffee’s essential workers have remained on campus. Some workers such as Mr. Lance Hall, director of the Physical Plant, still drive to Loomis every day to keep up with their work.

“Currently I spend about 25 hours a week on campus keeping up to date on construction projects and routine items associated with the Physical Plant,” Mr. Hall said.

Although this new schedule is a decrease from his usual 45 to 50-hour workweek during a normal school year, Mr. Hall fills his time with taking up teaching responsibilities with his wife as they supplement his eight-year-old son’s virtual learning.

Despite changes with his work schedule and with life at home, Mr. Hall says that the biggest change he has experienced has been with the Loomis community.

“[T]he biggest change is the people\; I miss our normal spring on the Island, as, right now it is just eerily silent,” Mr. Hall said.

Having a job that is now relatively free of one-on-one interaction, Mr. Hall misses the moments of connection at Loomis. The hardest part for Mr. Hall has been not being able to offer support to community members in such a hard time.

“I know many folks are dealing with so much right now and [I just want to be] able to offer a fist bump or pat on the shoulder of reassurance,” Mr. Hall said.

Having seen members of his community taking extra precautions to stay healthy and follow state regulations, Mr. Hall recognizes that the power to stop the virus is in the hands of the American public.

“I have been impressed with how many people locally have responded… I do believe so much of this relies on us as responsible citizens,” Mr. Hall said.