Sports Traditions on The Island

Walker Craig '21, Contributor

Since its founding in 1914, Loomis Chaffee has had many rich athletics traditions. These traditions range from the senior-only path all the way to the school’s annual spirit week.

Athletically, Loomis’ traditions have been an excellent way to promote school spirit and also encourage a deep love for core values. Athletic events are well attended, and the traditions within these teams promote the camaraderie and community.

In the fall, Loomis students both participate in and view the highly anticipated football games, nail-biting and energetic volleyball games, riveting field hockey matches, as well as the long, uptempo XC meets. In support of these fall sports, students wear different colored clothing, bring signs, shout cheers, and even wear face paint.

Lilly Saunders ’21 claims her favorite tradition is wearing themed clothing for big games. “Dressing up in different themes whether it be a Black-Out or a White-Out for games [is my favorite] because it brings together our support for the players.”

Most of LC’s athletics teams also have traditions. Sports section editor Riley Meade ’21 loves his XC’s team pre-game ritual. “The hunga Bunga cheer that the XC team does before the race gets everyone hyped and makes us run faster.”

In the winter, despite Connecticut’s cold weather, Loomis students still find ways to get rowdy and bring their intensity wherever they go. Hockey games, squash matches, and basketball games, as well as wrestling matches, are all well attended.

One of the Loomis’ most popular winter traditions is the “Lobster game,” in which a lobster — known by students as “Larry the Lobster — is thrown onto the ice in order to raise awareness for the Fishing Partnership of New England.

Kiley Finke ’21 explained that Loomis’ “Lobster Game” is her favorite because of the respect shown for the community through that game. “[The Lobster Game] brings the most people together as a community,” she said.

In the spring, like all schools, Loomis holds its traditional graduation and junior stepping up induction. The spring is a very memorable term for many Loomis Chaffee students and having to miss many athletic and student-life traditions has been heartbreaking.