Kombucha: The Bestest Drink of Them All

Lily Potter '21, Staff Writer

Kombucha is undoubtedly “The Bestest Drink of Them All” because it is a living companion that provides health benefits, friendship, and suspense. It is a tea fermented with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, (SCOBY) which makes the carbonated beverage contain probiotic cultures.
If you choose to brew your kombucha at home, it is not only a great drink but also a friend. Especially nowadays, we are more in need of social interaction, and your local kombucha SCOBY can help you to safely socially interact with another living thing without any health risks.
Kombucha cannot abandon you or ignore your Zoom call because it depends on you for food to survive. It will just subsist in a peaceful and gelatinous state.
The SCOBY expands with each batch, and you enjoy the suspense of whether it will combine with the previous SCOBY or form a new one. No other drink can provide this great source of entertainment, namely the suspense of whether the culture will combine and what shape it will take.
With sports being cancelled, your new source of competitive entertainment can be placing two batches of kombucha side by side and seeing which culture will be larger, or which will combine first.
Even when there are professional athletes to watch on television or in a stadium, I prefer to stare at the natural phenomenon of kombucha fermentation than random people running into each other causing concussions.
The health benefits of kombucha are well-documented. It is a beverage that provides not only hydration but also probiotics to nourish the physical form and the soul. What differentiates kombucha from other drinks, however, is the truly irreplaceable friendship and suspense that you obtain from it.