There’s No Dorm Like Longman

Mercy Olagunju '22, Staff Writer

Longman Hall, commonly sighted on the walk to town, houses eight sophomore girls and two prefects. It is marked by a sculpture and is often confused with a house or an office.

Being in Longman comes with the opportunity of being a member of the Longman Leadership Institute (LLI). LLI gives Longman boarding students and its day-student affiliates a chance to meet together for one night per week and discuss important issues like gender stereotypes, the bystander effect, body positivity, and much more.

In addition to the discussions, the girls work on a capstone project toward the end of the school year. “The capstone project culminates what they’ve learned, and they apply it by teaching the topics they find important to other people,” Spanish teacher and former Longman dorm head Ms. Lillian Corman said.

This year, the Longman Leaders were able to pick two of the previously planned workshops, and they are currently modifying it for two Freshman Seminar classes for the coming year. One is about body positivity, and the other is about cliques and mean remarks.

“Not only does the smallness of the dorm bring everyone together, but the experience of LLI and the interesting conversations helps everyone bond even more,” said Ms. Anne Sher, Mathematics faculty and the dorm head of Longman. The meetings provide an open space where a wide range of topics can be discussed and argued without judgment.

“There is actually no dorm like Longman\; because it is the only ten person dorm in Loomis\; only the people who live there will ever really know how it’s like and how special it is, and that’s my favorite part of Longman. The ten people who live in that dorm have something no one else has,” said Ms. Corman.

Indeed, the uniqueness of this hidden gem has made a huge impact on its previous residents. Each year of residents has had a different vibe to it, but the concept of Longman doesn’t change.

“The dorm this year was definitely entertaining, relaxed, and more social than its previous years, ” said Donatella DeFazio ’22, current Longman resident.

Two years ago, the atmosphere was a little different. “Longman, in my year, was nice\; we all got along fine, but still had our private lives outside the dorm,” said Calabria DeFazio ’20, Longman resident 2017-2018.

Although Donatella and Calabria had quite different experiences in the dorm, they share a common fondness for the dorm snacks, talking together after study hall, and LLI.

One of the perks of being in a small dorm is the variety and quantity of dorm snacks. Ms. Cabot’s legendary guac, LaFo’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, and Ms. Chipman’s Nutella crepes are some examples of Longman’s exquisite dorm snacks.

Longman is an exclusive 10-person dorm and unquestionably holds a lot of memories and experiences\; it seems like it is worth the walk.