Tour Guide Application Process Stays Separate from Common Application

Emily Khym '23, Contributor

Every May, new tour guides are selected to welcome prospective students for the following school year. However, with the current pandemic, selection processes and the function of tour guides next year is still uncertain. While applications were available, events are constantly changing with the coronavirus trend.

The application process has not changed: head tour guides are chosen from the group of applying rising seniors, while common tour guide applications are available to rising sophomores and juniors. From the applicant pool, the faculty members in charge of managing the tour guides review all of the applications, selecting students they think are suitable for the upcoming year’s prospective students. Acceptance decisions are released in mid-May.

Even though plans are still uncertain about the next school year, Assistant Director of Admissions Mr. Ahmad Cantrell ’07, said that the tour guide admissions members are continuing to look through applications, and are expecting results soon. Similar to the rest of the Loomis Chaffee community, Mr. Cantrell is unsure about how the 2020-2021 school year will unfold and is waiting for Dr. Culbert’s decision on plans for the upcoming year.

“Our tour guides help provide a unique experience for all LC visitors. They have done an amazing job this year and will continue the tradition next year, regardless of any changes that will come. Our tour guides always exceed expectations,” Mr. Cantrell said.

Students also reflected on the possible future tour guides might face.

“Although I am quite saddened that the rest of the school year is going to be spent online, students are taking this time to really explore creative ways of learning. If the pandemic prolongs online learning, it will create an opportunity for tour guides to think realistically, but uniquely to give a glance of the island to students interested in applying to Loomis,” Stacey Zhang ’22 said.

Students submitted tour guide applications early in April and results are expected to be announced by mid-May. As tour guides, students get to form new relationships with prospective students and enjoy talking about the various aspects of Loomis, making it a popular work job and volunteer opportunity to many.

“As a head tour guide, it feels amazing to meet numerous prospective students, parents, and new tour guides and help facilitate the tour guide program since I love working and talking with people. I truly and fully immerse myself in the tour guide program since I definitely empathize with the prospective students — after all, I was in the same situation as they were a mere four years ago. I give all my passion into my tours and duties and the gratification is immense,” Kelsey Lee ’20, a head tour guide, said.

Also, students who wrote applications for Tour Guide expressed excitement looking forward.

“The application process seemed very serious in helping the school figure out which application is appropriate for the position representing the school. I would expect a lot of opportunities by being a tour guide, whether it be meeting students from all over the world or relating to a student who may be from the same country as you,” Andy Choi ’23 said.

All around the Island, different educational departments, sports departments, leadership departments are all uncertain about the next school year. However, the community is trying their best to keep applications, lectures and guest speaker meetings to go on as it would have if students were on campus during spring term. The tour guide process has not changed significantly and is expecting to start in the next academic year, introducing Loomis to potential students from all around the world.