Self-Preoccupation 101: Things to do at Home

Pynn Harinsuit '23, Contributor

While the social distancing and quarantining protocols are requiring us to stay home, being at home for months can be boring without anything to do. As we cannot participate in activities outside of our home, here are some activities to preoccupy yourself in the confines of your home.
Indy Pisitkasem ’23 says that he likes to exercise at home. He uses the Nike training app and does pushups and situps. This is a great way to keep yourself fit instead of sitting/lying down at home all day!
Emily Khym ’23 does a variety of things while being stuck at home. She usually sleeps in because she has her online classes at night. During the day, she does homework, reads books, or watches videos/movies, as this is a great way to keep her entertained. A couple of books Emily has been reading recently are The Great Gatsby and The Last Coyote.
Seth Sukboontip ’23 likes to watch Netflix to keep himself occupied at home. Some of his favorite shows that he recommends are The Good Place, The Flash, and Brooklyn 99.
As for me, I really like to bake/cook, so when I have nothing to do, I usually search up a recipe online and try it out. These are just some of the things you could do to keep yourself entertained.
Now, here are some other things that you could do, organization wise. You could reorganize your room or deep clean some parts of your house. Another idea could be to learn something new, whether it’s learning a new recipe or solving a puzzle.
Being at home doesn’t always have to mean playing on your phone all day\; it can also be very productive!