What Could Have Been: The Reactions of Spring Athletes

Walker Craig, Contributor

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, Loomis Chaffee has shifted to remote learning for the remainder of the year. This decision effectively canceled spring sports on the Island. This is difficult news for the school’s athletes, coaches, and fans.

Spring athletes who have trained all fall and winter will not be able to showcase their skills and serve as teammates this term. The unusual circumstance has also hindered the recruitment process for the many Loomis athletes who are currently uncommitted to colleges.

However, out of all classes of athletes, our postgraduates may have been hit the hardest. Some have lost their only season of playing at LC. They are missing out on the opportunity to bond with their teammates and compete in one of the most competitive leagues in the country in their last year of high school.

“I was excited to play at Loomis\; I played cross-country in the fall and was enjoying my athletic career at Loomis and felt connected to the athletic department,” Tiger Thrasher ’20, a postgraduate committed to playing lacrosse at RPI, said.

“Loomis has changed my outlook on life,” Tiger said. “ I have learned so much both inside and outside of the classroom.” Despite the loss of his season, Tiger still gained lasting memories and valuable life lessons throughout his time on the island.

“I met a lot of great people and even though it was only for a year it was definitely worth it,” Liam Sullivan ’20, a lacrosse PG committed to Rhodes College, said.

“I was bummed out, we practiced with the guys a lot all year, and next thing you know they hit us with not being able to go back to school,” Sullivan added when asked about his feelings on the season getting canceled. “It was hard because I was looking forward to the season because we were going to be pretty good in my opinion.”

(Liam Sullivan ‘20)