Tell Us Your Plans During An Apocalypse and We’ll Reveal Which Flik Dish You Are

Stephanie Zhang, News Editor

A zombie apocalypse hits. What’s your first reaction?

a) Cry
b) Phone a friend to freak out and discuss your next move
c) Go to your secret lab and start crafting a cure
d) Run to the supermarket to buy toilet paper
e) Calmly gather my laptop, my snacks, and my stuffed animals and lock myself into my pre-prepared secret bunker

What snack do you frantically stock up on?

a) Kraft macaroni and cheese
b) Microwavable popcorn
c) GoGo Squeezes
d) Triscuits
e) Jars of Nutella

How long would you survive based on the skills you have now?

a) The first 5 minutes
b) A good 3 days
c) At least 2 weeks
d) A good 4 months
e) I’m in it to win it! All the way till the end!

How many people does your survival squad include?

a) Just me myself and my pet
b) Just my family
c) Only the people on my close friends list
d) Every person I’ve ever said hi to, the more the merrier
e) Anyone I come across

You encounter a zombie. What do you do?

a) Scream and run away
b) Play dead
c) Become it’s friend
d) Stand your ground and fight
e) Entertaining it with your stand up comedy routine before making up an excuse to leave

You discover a cure. What’s your next move?

a) Accidentally spill it
b) Save it for later
c) Give it to someone in need
e) Eat it when I need it, duh
f) Attempt to mass produce it and sell it on Ebay at ridiculous prices

You’re the last person left on earth. What next?

a) Live out your days on a tropical island and die peacefully
b) Write an autobiography about your experiences
c) Dedicate your life to saving the human race
d) Build a rocket ship and begin a new life on another planet
f) Become a Zombie. If you can’t beat em, join em!

Mostly A’s: You got– Grilled Cheese!

A classic that everybody loves and would sacrifice more than five minutes of their time waiting in line to get you. You have never faced the hardships of being left out to cool on the tray. Your charisma and likability got you through good times, but it seems that your soft, crispy, and golden exterior and cheesy melted center, aren’t getting you through this apocalypse. Guess we can only remember the good old days!

Mostly B’s: You got– Revved Up Mac and Cheese

A delicious classic, but with an original Flik twist, you know how to keep people coming back for more while surprising them in the meantime, just like the random pieces of broccoli or chicken no one asked for. Although inexperienced, you sure are a master of strategy, and just like the people who eat you, you know how to out maneuver the zombies and other unplanned surprises to only eat the macaroni and survive this apocalypse.

Mostly C’s: You got– Strawberry Sensation Soft Serve

A delightful new addition to the soft serve machine this year, you’ve shown us that experimentation can lead to great things. Although many people were hesitant at first, your sweetness and pretty pink color eventually won people over. You see the best in people and always try to make their day better. But your generosity may cost you in this apocalyptic world\; you may either end up being betrayed or with a whole bunch of new zombie friends!

Mostly D’s: You got– Bread Crumb Crusted Cod

People are definitely wary of you because of your uniqueness and originality. But don’t worry about that\; You know you’re the real winner in the end. With your protective coat of breadcrumbs and flavorful mystery sauce surrounding you, no one dares to come close, and you don’t end up in someone’s digestive system at the end of the day. I wouldn’t be surprised if you raised an army and scared the zombies off forever. If anyone’s going to kick butt in this apocalypse, it’ll definitely be you.

Mostly E’s: You got– Green Beans

You keep people guessing on a daily basis. A healthy staple that’s always there, your simplicity is a welcome presence, but the mystery of whether you’ve been over or undercooked– well, people only find out after they get to know you. You’re a spunky one who’s will to live and fight can definitely get you out of tricky situations. And you’ll have fun doing it too!