Protest on Campus


Xana Pierone ’16

Loomis Chaffee students and faculty entering the Island, along with passersby in Windsor, were greeted by a shocking sight late this September. Members of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters (NERCC) hoisted signs with bold, black letters reading,


Those familiar with the Loomis campus have seen the construction of Cutler Hall, a soon-to-be dorm replacing Gwendolyn Hall, the old health center. The council was protesting the GDS Contracting Corp., which was hired by Newfield Construction, the company hired by Loomis to build Cutler.

Eager to share their message, the protestors were open to speaking to the Log about their intentions, stating that they “want to make sure workers are making an honest and fair living and not struggling.”

“We sent letters to the physical plant and everyone about our issue before the project…ultimately, we would like to have a dialogue and at least have directors reach out,” one protester said.

Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing Lynn Petrillo ’86 responded, “While Loomis Chaffee supports the right of NERCC to advocate for its position, the school feels the union’s concerns are properly a matter between the union and the general contractor, with relevant government agencies acting as intermediary. There are well-established governmental processes for handling labor matters, and those are the most appropriate channels for addressing any issues the union may have.”