Yale Model United Nations Conference Cut Short


Through freezing rain, sunshine, and snow, Loomis Chaffee brought a delegation of 28 students to the 46th Yale University’s Model United Nations Conference, or YMUN, over the weekend of January 23-26. 

After three successful days at the conference, delegates were surprised to learn that the conference’s last committee session and awards ceremony had been canceled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) due to ” unforeseen circumstances” according to the YMUN website. Apparently these unforeseen circumstances really meant an outbreak of the flu which sent several student home. One delegate, hailing from China has tested positive for influenza and will be tested later this week for the coronavirus.

Even after this setback, the Loomis Chaffee delegation is still proud to say they had a productive and rewarding conference.

The 2020 Loomis Chaffee YMUN delegation gathered at the Yale Old Campus.
Photo: Rachel Engelke

Delegates represented a wide range of countries and committees from Russia and Bulgaria as well as committees about Designated Survivor and Press Corps. 

As “ambassadors” of their countries or committees, the Pelicans spent the weekend negotiating resolutions addressing concerns about immigration, Brexit, the rise of the far-right, and transgender athletes participating in the Olympics.

In the committee on Transgender Athletes in the Olympics, delegate Aidan Gillies ’21 said, “I was able to build my own perspective through negotiating with nations with differing opinions than me[Germany].”

Delegates at the 2020 YMUN opening ceremony on Thursday night.
Photo: Lauren Volkodav

In between attending committees and writing resolutions, pelicans toured Yale, dined with professors, and attended lectures, as well as played cards late into the night.

Delegates gathered at Claire’s, a favorite breakfast spot at Yale, early Friday morning.
Photo: Lauren Volkodav

Head delegate, Margarita Demkina’20 described the conference as an “exhausting yet exhilarating experience where I was able to work with other delegates from around the globe to reach compromises on pertinent issues surrounding today’s political climate.”

At the end of the conference, Loomis Chaffee came away with a record of 14 individual awards, including seven honorable mentions, four outstanding delegates, and three best delegates, to conclude a very successful weekend.