New Interim Head of School: Mr. Webster Trenchard

By Eliza Nelson

There are very few Pelicans that would trade our warm fall weather for the freezing New England winter, but Mr. Trenchard, the Assistant Head of School and our new interim Head of School, disagrees. He shared this, and other interesting insights, in a recent interview about his first few weeks in his new role. 

When asked what he is most looking forward to as the semester continues, he surprised me, “To be honest, I am most looking forward to the first frost, because that will kill all the mosquitoes, and then we will be done with this EEE[Eastern equine encephalitis virus] situation!”

But despite the EEE situation, he said what he has enjoyed most about the new role is “collaborating with people on campus in new ways.”

Similar to many other high school students and teachers, Mr. Trenchard said one of his biggest challenges is time.

 He said, “I am sought out by more people on campus for more questions and input, so finding time for all of that has been a challenge on occasion, but I think I am managing well enough.” Mr. Trenchard added that he misses the classroom experience.

He said, “The increased time commitment has meant that I have not been able to teach English this year, and that has been a disappointment. I plan to be back in the classroom next year and am already looking forward to that.” His future section of freshman English will be lucky to have him back in the classroom too. 

To answer if he is in touch with Dr. Culbert, he said, “I do have periodic contact with Dr. Culbert, but one of my goals is to limit the amount of correspondence that she has with the school so that she can focus on her sabbatical and not get pulled back into things on campus.  So we only communicate a few times per month, though I am able to keep up with her birding through social media!” Mr. Trenchard seems to be allowing her to have space, while also remaining informed about her sabbatical. 

To new students, Mr. Trenchard advises, “Embrace this school as yours and take advantage of all of the opportunities it presents.  Additionally, I would encourage new students to get to know as many people, both peers, and faculty, as possible.  Those relationships will ultimately prove to be the connection that you have with your school throughout your high school years and beyond.” This advice is similar to his words at the first convocation and remains true for all Loomis students.  

This is Mr. Trenchard’s 20th year at Loomis, and he has been a college counselor, teacher, dorm affiliate and advisor. He also held three major administrative leadership positions: Director of College Guidance, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Associate Head of School for the past four years. In short, Mr. Trenchard is extremely qualified for this important job and has lots of experience. He has created a smooth transition from Dr. Culbert to himself, despite the lingering EEE concerns and his eagerness for colder weather!