Sophomores Visit Camp Beckett


Alex Gordienko ’17

The annual sophomore retreat took place on the last weekend of September. Members of the sophomore class traveled to Camp Becket in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, accompanied by 26 senior leaders.

Sophomore retreat is an annual trip designed to foster stronger bonds between the sophomore class by encouraging sophomores to actively participate in team-building activities.

Upon arriving, the sophomores were greeted with their greatest challenge yet: making new friends. The sophomore class was divided into smaller groups, where students got to know one another on a more intimate level.

After the orientation activity, members marveled at the exquisite scenery as they walked to their assigned cabins deep in the woods. These rustic, wooden cabins were where the girls later discussed the best football players in the NFL and where boys argued over the trendiest nail polish color of the season.

Canoeing was among the most popular activities, in which students savored the panoramic view of the lake and simultaneously defended their territory from splash attacks from their fre-nemies. The most challenging activity was the ropes course, where sophomores put themselves to the real test of their abilities as they collectively overcame the challenges posed by the ropes course elements.