Emerging Artist Exhibition and Mercy Gallery Opening


Evan Manafort ’16

The fall art exposition in the Eugene Mercy Jr. Gallery of the Richmond Art Center presents the works of Avner Sher, an Israeli artist, from September 22 through October 21. Mr. Sher plans to visit the school in the near future, and to inspire student artists.

Mr. Sher utilizes cork-boards in creating his art. As his website states, he “us[es] a wood scorching pen, screwdrivers and hammers [to] scratch, tear, engrave and burn the surface” of his pieces. Whereas most typical artists utilize pencil or paint brush to create, Mr. Sher works in the negative, carving out bits of cork, and burning the surface of the corkboard to form any sort of image.

As Mr. Sher puts it on his website, his motivations for creating such a type of art derive from “[a] childlike place of desire, the power to demolish and then rebuild.”

Mr. Sher’s art has been frequently displayed in exhibitions worldwide, as well as having been reviewed by many art journals, including Arts Observer and Auction.

Concurrently, the Emerging Artist exposition was unveiled alongside Sher’s work, and the student created pieces continue to be displayed throughout the next month. The paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolors, and photos that have been created by students can be seen throughout the hallways of the RAC. Similar exhibitions, featuring the art of both students and visiting artists, are soon to follow in the coming year.