Dining Hall Change-Up

As Loomis Chaffee continues to grow in size, the administration has decided to make some changes to fit the increasing population of Pelicans. Falling subject to these changes is the dining hall. The entire student body has some constructional criticism for the dining hall. Nothing personal! We are just hungry teenagers, eager to get our hands on something to curb our grumbling stomach for a couple hours.

A signature fact on any campus tour is that the dining hall offers many options and there is always something to eat. Now the entrées and Asian station are all cramped into the main food area. All of the panini, salad, and sandwich options are in the underclassmen wing, leaving nothing on the upperclassmen side. Although I do not doubt that there was a reason behind the new arrangement, it makes very little sense in comparison to how it was configured before. With food evenly spread out, there were no crowds or lines leading all the way to the entrance of the dining hall. In my past two years at Loomis, a nice steady flow of people between all three portions of the dining hall was consistent, but now we’re simply trying to get away with the traffic. Often, we cannot wait very long for food, whether for we have to rush to class, cram before a test, or for we just cannot wait to shove something in our mouths. Almost the entire student body, I bet, is not willing to wait in a line for 15 minutes even if grilled cheese and tomato soup is being served.

Continuing on the topic of crowds, the annex seating is no more. The annex on the underclassmen side served multiple purposes, including a quiet place to work and collaborate, a fun spot for team dinners, and a place for overflow seating. Now, with the annex specifically dedicated to faculty, the students lost a feature that we took advantage of every day.

The food in the dining hall has also included both positives and negatives. On the positive side, the dining hall has more fruit available and higher quality milk. Also, with more than one salad bar, one can easily grab a salad.

Overall, this reconfiguration of the dining hall has inspired a real culture shock. The moral of the story is that we, as students, want to get our food and get to class on time. Therefore, the dining hall should be easily accessible and efficient. Now, with the new changes, we are going have to acclimate to a new pattern and way of eating.