NYT: Just One Source?

Since 1851, 65 years before Loomis was founded, the New York Times has been bringing readers “all the news that’s fit to print.” This famous motto appears in the top corner of each one of the million print copies circulated every day. Everyone in the newspaper and media industry, including us here at the Log, look to the Times as an example of journalistic excellence. Millions of Americans, as well as readers from all over the world, enjoy each day the thoroughly researched and well-written articles as well as editorials.


Each and every student at Loomis Chaffee is fortunate this year to have been given the opportunity to receive a free subscription to the New York Times. Having this great resource means students are exposed to the in-depth analysis that we can’t always find on our social media or with a quick Google search. One of the defining characteristics of the Loomis community is our willingness to embrace a wide range of opinions, discussed in depth, and to be exposed to views regarding a variety of different subjects. Our diverse student body includes different cultures and backgrounds as well as a diversity of opinions. This diversity helps us get closer to our best selves and the common good. Our last convocation speaker, Brian Rooney, is a testament to the willingness to not go with the pack. As he says, “When I’m where everyone else is, I’m in the wrong place.”


So here at the Log we wonder whether given the importance of hearing from a diversity of different views, we would have been even more fortunate to also receive a subscription to a media source that may publish editorials that are different from the New York Times’. After all, in any discussion on the island, whether in the classroom or the SNUG, it’s always better to understand different viewpoints of important issues. This is the essence of a Loomis education. Nevertheless, reading the New York Times is a good start because it is dedicated to excellence. Every Loomis student should use this generous opportunity to enjoy the subscription for the next year. Doing so will result in a better-informed and more curious community, sparking students to stray away from the pack and wonder what another opinion might be.