Team Traditions – A Sense of Identity

Mercy Olagunju '22 and Hazel Le '22

Boys’ Varsity Soccer has a tradition built around team bonding. It’s all about having that chemistry on the field and being able to connect with your team members on and off the field. So, what better way to bring the team together than screaming and belting out lyrics of a song? The whole team chooses a song at the start of the season.

Then before a home game, all the players cheerfully sing that song as they exit the locker room. Next is the silent march – the moment when everyone directs all their focus towards the upcoming game-  to the upperclassmen quad to put on cleats and shin guards.

Finally, the synchronized warm-ups, which is meant to help the team ‘get in tune’ with each other as they do a specific exercise nicknamed ‘open and closed gates’. “This synchronized movement makes us work together because if just one person is off, it messes up the whole stretch,” Will Cleary ‘22 explained.

The LC Girls’ Water Polo team’s coach, Mr. Pond has a unique tradition of always wearing yellow crocs to practice or games, explains Neala Sweeney ‘20.

Reid McMillan ‘22 really enjoyed playing in JV Hockey last winter as there were many interesting team’s traditions. However, he did mention a specific tradition that “trumps all the other traditions ever”, which was Ethan Wasserberger’s remarkable speeches.

The tradition just started this year (2018-2019). Ethan, a freshman, decided to write a speech before their game to cheer his teammates on. Reid claimed that Ethan’s speeches not only boosted Ethan’s self-confidence but was also able to provide motivation for the team as a whole.

“Swimming is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle”- commented Elizabeth Pecoraro ‘21. It’s hard to not recognize people in the swim team when they’re sporting blonde or red hair around campus.

It has been a tradition of the LC swim team for over twenty years for boys to bleach their hair blonde, and girls to dye their hair red. Justin Wu ‘21 commented that although he was rather “unsure about the purpose of this tradition”, he thought it was a great opportunity for him to bond with other teammates.