Talking to the Financial Literacy Club

Shlok Sharma '19, Web Director

In the past year financial literacy and engagement has taken Loomis Chaffee in a brand new way.

A school-wide stock market game had taken place in winter term, and the Financial Literacy Club is a big part of that happening. Through their efforts, they hope to expand the financial literacy of the LC community and help their fellow students understand economics and the world around them.

I talked to Jasper Shi ’19, who along with Burke Perrotta ’19, is one of the founders of the club.

Hello! What’s the official name of your club, and what do you plan to do with it?

My name is Jasper Shi and I’m one of the co-presidents of the Financial Literacy Club. As part of the club, we hope to promote financial literacy and students interest in economics.

Where did the idea for the Financial Literacy Club come from?

Burke has a really good friend of his that started this initiative called the NFLI (National Financial Literacy Initiative), so we decided to make a club at Loomis too.

Have you taken any classes at Loomis that helped you run the club?

CL Economics definitely helped a lot! I got to know Mr. DeNunzio, who is our club advisor and has helped us a lot with planning the stock market game!

What was your last event like?

We hosted an all school stock market game that went really well! It seemed like a lot of people were really invested in it! We hope to do another one in the spring.

What are some of your upcoming events?

We have a couple of ideas for future events and would be open to hosting another competition if we get enough interest.

If someone wanted to join the Financial Literacy club, who should they talk to?

Please email Jasper Shi or Burke Perrotta.