Talking to the E-Proctors

By Shlok Sharma ’19

I sat down with Kelly Eng ’20 and Ryan Jones ’20, two E-Proctors to talk about what they’re planning to do around Loomis, and the initiatives they’ve already started. 

Hello! Why did you both become E-Proctors, and what draws you to environmental sustainability?

K: I joined E-Proctors because I went to the summer program in Alaska, which was focused on environmental issues and leadership. After that program, all of us were planning on what we could do in the future. As an e-Proctor this year I just want to improve sustainability on campus.

R: I got involved because we’re in a good position to do some good, because as a school we have the resources to become more sustainable. We can actually sell reusable water bottles and metal straws, that we have faculty who are willing to work with us and support us. I got involved because we have the opportunity to make a change, so why can’t I do it? 

What are some of the projects that you’ve been working on? 

K: We’ve been doing a lot in the name of waste management on the LC campus. So far, we have been working to eliminate plastic water bottle waste in the SNUG, Bookstore, and vending machines in several dorms. We’re working with the Grill as well. 

R: We’ve also been working to prevent the overuse of plastic on campus. We asked the Bookstore to stop giving plastic bags at the beginning of the year when students get their supplies (which they’ve started to do this year) and we’ve also asked them to sell bamboo toothbrushes. 

K: Also, we’ve been trying to ban plastic straws and campus, and have talked to the school about importing metal straws instead. 

Awesome! Is there anything else you’ve guys tried to do? 

R: Yep! Right now we’re working with the Writing Studio to reduce paper usage, when students come over for help. 

K: We’ve also started to talk to the Deans about stopping the use of paper slips at class meetings, and instead using ID scanners. 

Great. Why’d you both work on this project?  

R: Originally this project had 6 people working on it, but eventually it was just us two, because we were passionate about reducing waste on campus and helping the environment. 

Is there anything you’d like to tell LC Students to help our campus’ environment? 

R: I’d just like to urge people to stop using plastic water bottles and eliminate waste as much as they can. 

K: I agree. Although we’re working on a large scale as E-Proctors, we’d like to ask people to eliminate waste on a personal scale, because that can make a huge difference. 

Any upcoming events?

K: Since we’re almost done on our project on waste management; we’re hoping to replace paper towels with hand-dryers (really hard because it’s a big change and a big project) so now it’s a group project. 

R: But after the project, most E-Proctors will be working on Earth Week. For now we’re going to start working on Earth week. 

K: Earth Week, where we try to spread the message of protecting the Earth, is a great opportunity for us to connect to students. 

If LC Students wanted to follow the E-Proctors on social media, what should they do?

R: You can follow @lctreefriends on Instagram and Twitter.