Reilly Campbell and the 1000th Point

Matthew Weng '21, Contributor

How many bags of ice does the trainer’s room go through in a year? How many gray t-shirts does the cage exchange in a day? All of those numbers are intriguing, but recently we’ve welcomed a new number into the LC sports community: 1000.

1000 is the number of career points of Varsity Basketball player Reilly Campbell. Achieving this phenomenal milestone, Reilly joined an exclusive club of elite Loomis ballers.

When asked about the moment when she scored her 1000 points, Reilly described, “It was a surreal moment. When I made the shot, they stopped the game. I was welcomed with an extremely passionate cheer as Ms. Cabot announced the occasion.”

Truly, it was a very memorable moment as a game ball and poster were presented to Reilly and her family. Her friend, Max, who cheered in the stands, also relished the moment, “As someone who goes to every Girls Varsity Basketball game, I felt extremely proud of her and I know this was just a starting point of a prolific career.“

Everyone was all extremely proud of her achievement, however, no one was more proud than her coach Mr. Stewart. When asked about Reilly, coach Stewart referred to her as a “positionless player,” saying that one the team she was simply a basketball player, not limited by a specific position. Not only a prolific scorer, she was also described as a terrific leader and teammate. “Reilly is not only our leading scorer but our rebounds leader. She is someone who is not afraid to do all the hard things whether that is to fight for a rebound or speed across the court in transition to play defense.” Indeed, those contributive members make the team.

Another aspect that made the achievement impressive in the system the team played in. Coach Stewart refereed to the system to one that all players handled the ball. It was not focused on one player and not one player dominated the possessions, making the scoring milestone even more difficult to achieve. In addition, Coach Stewart described, “When she is one of the best players on the team, the other team definitely knows and pays more attention to her.” As a star player of the team, not only does Reilly have to endure the already strong defensive pressure, she is also often targeted by double teams and drew a huge amount of attention from defenders.

Soon, Reilly’s time at LC would be over. As she takes her talents to Lafayette College next year, we wish her the best of luck and prolific career. Maybe soon, on the “wall of fame” on our website, there will be a picture of her in a WNBA uniform.

Here are some LC sports stats:

1000 – Career Points scored by GVB player Reilly Campbell

2000 – Career Points scored by former GVB player Steph Jones

5000 – Bags of Ice the trainers’ office runs through a year.

250000 – Number of meters a swimmer swims in a season.

90 – Number of gray T-shirt exchanged at the Cage per day during the fall and spring season.

5 – Number of offensive touchdowns the Varsity Football team allowed in the 2015 season.