How stressful was Senior Fall?

Monica Kim '19

Senior fall, as notorious as it is, is known for being as stressful as or even more stressful than Junior spring. Some students, as juniors, even remember some seniors advising the age-old sentiment, “I would go through Junior spring twice than even step into Senior fall again”.

As a Senior who has just recently finished going through Senior fall, it feels as if the sayings of the last year Seniors might’ve exaggerated the actual difficulty of the term. After years of negative reinforcement about the stress of Senior Fall, I have to say that the reality is better than expected.

Everyone goes through different experiences, depending on what courses they decided to take this fall. However, no matter how many CL classes they take or how many colleges they are applying to, there is no doubt that all of us had a night when we wonder, ‘Will I be able to get into at least one college? Where will I end up in?’ Senior fall, if not the beginning of the worries and doubts, feels more like the start of self-awareness and a time when scores of young adults, the LC seniors, become aware of their future and their responsibilities.

The assignments pile up as they do in any other term, and it always feels like there’s more work than can possibly get done. Procrastinating doesn’t help, and our stress only increases, but the real difficulty is slightly existential, and feels more surprising than tortuous. 

However, we were able to get through this fall, because as cliche as it sounds, we really did have each other to get through this huge moments in our lives. When we had to choose an Early Decision college to apply to, we had friends giving advices and college counselors supporting our decisions. When we had to choose a major to apply with, we had late night conversations with the struggles and concerns we have with our friends. Even if our friends may not have the answers to our questions, the fact that they were just sitting on our bed next to us, listening to our rants about the unpredictability of our futures helped us get through this fall.