Student Council’s Goals for the Year


Rachel Shin ’17

Student Council (StuCo) Officers of 2015-16, President Samantha Roy, Boys’ Vice President Eagle Wang, Girls’ Vice President Hannah McCarthy Potter, and Secretary-Treasurer Colin Phelan have big plans for this year. Every Tuesday night, the members gather in Founders Lounge to talk about recent problems and design changes. This year, StuCo has brought up different initiatives concerning different aspects of the school, breaking into separate task groups for fast, efficient, and productive work.


Cooperation with Other Schools: Loomis is planning to take on a new strategy for facing and overcoming problems. By contacting other student council members at different schools, StuCo will discuss a variety of rules and problems, and adopt methods to overcome problems that Loomis Chaffee may have.


Mental Health Awareness Week: Ever since the St. Paul’s case, LC is working towards preventing such harm regarding sexual assault and creating a safe environment for students. “Avoiding sexual assault, although not a typical student council topic, is definitely something that the student council supports,” said Hannah McCarthy Potter. Thus, StuCo will spread and raise awareness about suicide and psychological health by leading the Mental Health Awareness Week on the second week of October.


Junior Internet Proposal Continues On: Eagle Wang and Colin Phelan will continue working on the junior all-night Internet proposal that was shut down by the deans last spring. “We are looking to compromise to a possible 2 AM extension for the junior class,” states Colin.


A Green and Efficient Campus: The environment is also a big focus of the student council’s plan in improving the Loomis community. Sam Roy explained, “We will be working with the E-Proctors to try to become more efficient of what we compost.”


A Change in the Disciplinary System: As daring and risky as it may be, StuCo is trying to make changes regarding the sex rule. While the current disciplinary system can land an individual on a Level II, student council members are working towards lessening the severity of the punishment by lowering this to a Level I.


Accommodations for International Students: Considering international students who fly back to Loomis Chaffee with huge time zone differences, the student council will try to have dormitories open earlier so that students can adjust to the time differences and settle down. “This has been worked on by International Student Ambassadors (ISA),” notes Eagle Wang. “This was an issue that the school was not aware of, but this change will definitely help a lot of students out.”


Blood Drive: The annual Blood Drive will take place within a month and a half. Anyone above the age of seventeen is highly encouraged to stop by and donate for the cause.


“It is also very early in the year. We still have to receive feedback from the faculty and the administration. Unfortunately, some things just aren’t possible,” said Hannah McCarthy Potter. Other than these, there are many initiatives that Student Council has not made public yet.