The MarketWatch Game (Stock Investing for Uninformed Students)

Joe Berger '20, Contributor

After dropping from the prestigious and desired fifth slot to a less coveted 36th spot in MarketWatch, I saw that the Web Editor, Shlok Sharma, assigned me to write an article about the game. I clenched my fist and impulsively decided that I had to create an article advising students to stay away from it. However, I have since returned to a top 10 position, so I will now explain why MarketWatch is an economic work of art.

The MarketWatch investment game is shared across all economic classes at Loomis, and with over 100 competitors, is very competitive. Although MarketWatch has caused me a lot of stress (I am kidding), it teaches the Econ students here on the Island about the volatility and dangers of the market. As noted by Mr. DeNunzio, the orchestrator of the game at Loomis, “by playing the stock market game, I hope students realize that investing isn’t easy. There are no guaranteed winners, and nobody truly knows whether a stock will go up, down, or sideways.”

Along with the wonderful education Marketwatch has provide us with, it has also given us the most exhilarating story of all time: “The Legend of Goggi.”  

Goggi, a sophomore living in Kravis, is a man of few words who has taken the game by storm. At one point, Goggi was 20,000 dollars ahead of the next contestant. After he exclaimed that “all I did was invest in the weed market and Lulu Lemon, dude,” I was skeptical of his methods, but then he soon, and ironically dropped to last place, as his volatile marijuana stock, Tilray, lost a significant amount of value. Fortunately, he just as quickly returned to a top position, currently sitting in a solid third place. The game, as expected and designed, has taught Goggi and many others about the importance of prudence in the market and has given us much needed experience. MarketWatch is one of the most wonderful, stressless competitions I have ever been a part of, and I recommend to all the students at Loomis to join when it becomes playable for the whole school this winter.