Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Fitzpatrick

Alex Choi '19

A. C. How did you find about Loomis?

Ms. F Last year, I was finishing up my double major in Math and French and I wasn’t sure which direction to take my career in. Then over January term of my senior year, I did a math teaching internship at a charter school in New York and I really enjoyed it. After that experience, I knew I wanted to explore my options in education. I ended up visiting Loomis last Spring and it was a good fit for me.

A. C. What is your favorite part about Loomis? 

Ms. F I really like working in the QRC. It reminds of the tutoring center I used to work at in college and it brings me back. I love tutoring because I can take my time with each student and really help them in a targeted way.

A. C. What do you teach?

Ms. F I teach CL Statistics and Algebra 2.

A. C. Is this your first time teaching?

Ms. F. It’s my first time teaching full time but I’ve done teaching assistantships (TAing) and tutoring in the past.

A. C. What’s a fun fact about you?

Ms. F I’ve lived in Egypt, South Korea, Kuwait, Switzerland, China, Albania, and Japan.