(Satire): A Defense of the Flat Earth Postulate

By Monica Kim ’19

*Disclaimer: This article and its writer has no intention to be informative nor has any opinion on the theory’s validity. 

The Earth is flat. This idea has been available in public for years, and the number of its believers has not quite increased but still stayed stable. It has been unpopular for the recent years because of the so-called “modern technology” proving the fact that the planet is round. These machines went to the space, orbited around the planet, and took pictures and videos that showed the Earth to have a shape of a sphere. Do we believe this? No. Since the Cold War, the pictures taken of anything in the space can be deemed pretty much untrustworthy. Everyone tries to make their accomplishments seem more shocking and attractive than others, and now with monetary greed added into the equation, the credibility of the theory has gone way down. With these possibilities, who can really trust the pictures? 

So, instead of relying on some metal parts, we decided to take our evidence from the most reliable source: ourselves. Our senses function as a way to prove the flatness of the planet. 

For instance, we see the world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, and the movement of the Sun. From these examples, we derive a conclusion that we cannot be living on a spherical heliocentric world. This type of approach is called empirical, which we use to create evidences for our belief. Another way is a bit philosophical, which is to use Descartes’ method of Cartesian doubt to skeptically view the world around us. We can find that the notion of a spherical world is the theory which has the burden of proof and not flat earth theory. 

Many people say that our theory is connected to a religion. However, we are neither officially nor unofficially associated with any religion. Some of us believe that the only evidence is because the bible says that the Earth is flat. But, this is not the argument for all of us. 

We do not believe many sources, because of the possibility that there was a conspiracy or a reason behind it. Even the people who have been into space, we cannot trust. We solely trust on ourselves and only ourselves.