Dealing with REACH (#2)

Dealing with REACH (#2)

Madeleine Hong '19

As we begin to finish out the fourth week of the 2018-2019 school year, hopefully, all the students of Loomis Chaffee have become acquainted with the new online permission system, Reach Boarding.

Being a change in the normal routine of a student’s sign in, Reach has not received the best first impression by many people. So what has changed as we move from paper permission sign in/out to this online system? Reach Boarding is an app and website where students must sign in and out of school, or change their location to notify the Loomis staff where they are headed or coming from.

Boarding students can also create a “leave request” for their next planned trip off campus. Reach has also extended to day students, who are required to sign in and out of the Reach app when they arrive or leave campus. These new changes to Loomis’ permission system have several pros as well as cons.

Beginning with days students, it is understandable that deans and staff need to know if a student is on campus during a fire drill or lock down; however, that information can be found when teachers take attendance for their classes. If a day student chooses to leave early for in the middle of the day because of a free, last year, they were required to go to the dean’s office and get permission, before doing so. Reach not only is inconvenient to day students, but many either forget or say it takes too long and don’t log in or out.

Boarding students have it a little different. Reach is used to track their location both on and off campus. Say you want to go to the library during study hall, change your location on Reach, then maybe head to the QRC, change your location on reach, and finally go to a concert in Hubbard, change your location on reach. It becomes very inconvenient to students when they are moving from place to place on campus, however, off-campus there are pros.

You no longer have to hunt down a faculty member on weekend trips (that are accompanied by a faculty member) and for the Loomis staff, it is convenient to keep track of where everyone is on one device rather than several separate pieces of paper.

Overall, students need to prepare to adjust to this new system and in time it will become the new normal for the Loomis Chaffee community.