How to Deal with Senior Fall

Jocelyn Chen '19

The big thing:

This school and the next school.

Remember back in freshman year when we had just made it past application season? It’s coming back and dragging us along for the next few months. Hang in there, friends. The workload may look impossible now, but the past seniors have talked about how much they miss this time of struggle once it is over. So, live in the moment. Each day is a new, different day.

The emotional and personal thing:

I am not good enough. Competing with my friends for the same leadership positions-lost them. We probably all know someone who seems better than we are, wants the same things as we do, and takes them so that you don’t get them. It is easy to feel inferior, but my best advice would be to try to remind yourself of who you are.

And there are more problems—dining hall construction on the weekends and getting a cold from the “Opening Dance”—the list goes on. But instead of complaining about it and letting stress get to the best of you, here’s a list of things that help me and may help you too:

  1. Keep a journal. The dot journal trend has been going on for a while. There are plenty of tutorials to help anyone create a pretty journal. If you’re not into spending an hour drawing a monthly habit tracker, then there are many other options. Look up “journal” on and you’ll find one that echoes your soul.
  2. Get some sleep. Procrastination often convinces you to sleep later, wake up earlier, and crame more work into the most inconvenient hours. If the amount of work feels overwhelming, sleep scientifically. Here are a few links:
    1. On all-nighters:
    2. On naps:

One tip from me: Read a book before going to bed. It will clear your head and organize your lingering thoughts from the day more logically.

Find something fun to do each day, be it watching a Netflix show, making a new ramen recipe, or playing with a dog. Remember your rights to R&Rs and counseling.

Hang in there, seniors. Take care.