Cutest Roommates: Benny and His Jet


Xana Pierone ’16

What even is a roommate? How can society deny a true connection based on shared spaces? We here at the Log recognize all forms of co-habitation, whether or not the school has it marked in Veracross, so we present to you this issue’s cutest roommates: Bennett Green and Charlie Weld.

Bennett, a man of few words, has much to say about his buddy Charlie. Admittedly only friends since this summer, Charlie and Bennett became roommates the moment their souls encountered each other. Charlie lovingly recalls Bennett’s kind nature and desire to entertain, while Bennett looks past Charlie’s farts–uh, I mean, faults–and simply describes Charlie as “cute as a button.” The two pals share nightly rituals of blasting musical soundtracks before bed and in the shower. Bennett is immensely thankful for his cuddly buddy, and couldn’t imagine a world without constant anime soundtracks playing in the background (per Charlie’s request). When asked what word defines Bennett, Charlie sighed. With a smile, his resounding answer is “beautiful.”

While their beds may lay in different rooms across the hall in Batch, Bennett and Charlie, inseparable friends, are roommates at heart.