New Bookstore on Campus


Olivia Diong ’16

One of the first questions I was bombarded with by fellow students as I stepped onto campus for preseason was, “Have you been to the new bookstore? It looks like CVS.” Sure enough, as I descended the Dining Hall stairs that day to get my Fall-term books, I was shocked by how little I recognized. Like myself, very few returning students were aware of this summer’s renovations prior to arriving on campus. So what exactly went down this summer? From physical transformations to the many new products on the shelves, Bookstore Manager Diane Abramson gave us the details on the new-and-improved Loomis Chaffee campus store.

This summer, the bookstore was extended from an almost entirely behind-the-counter store to over double the floor space and double the items sold. With the bookstore’s footprint increasing from about five hundred square feet to over a thousand, all items sold (other than school-books) are now accessible by foot and paid for at the counter in the center of the room. With this expansion came all the necessities: new carpets, ceiling, lighting, and wall paint. In addition, a large glass window and door were added along the exit of the SNUG closest to the dining hall, making it extra difficult to successfully evade the allure of hi-chew and cliff bars.

Though the new store is considerably larger than last year’s, the space has been filled with more items for the convenience of the Loomis community. The expansion of the health and beauty section, sports apparel formerly sold at the cage, and more extensive book-selection are just some of the more noticeable improvements.

With new apparel from brands like Under Armour and Nike, the clothing section has been a hit thus far. By combining the more sports-based apparel store in the Fitness Center with the items previously sold in the bookstore, Ms. Abramson has allocated an entire room to clothing.

The snack section, what everyone really cares about, has also become one of the most popular additions. Now with its own personal island, the new snack zone is a vast expanse compared to the previous scattered assortments. As most Loomis students have discovered one way or the other, among the choices is the Japanese-made “hi-chew” candy. When asked about the candy’s increasing popularity on campus, Ms. Abramson comments, “They’re selling like crazy, I have already had to reorder three new shipments.” Also new to the store are independent soda cases as well as a mini-fridge stocked with cold water and soda.

Would you believe me if I told you that yoga mats are sold at the bookstore? Well, they are. For those who did yoga as a winter activity, you know the utterly infuriating struggle of having to go off campus to buy a mat; I am pleased to announce this heresy has finally come to an end. Also, to all you avid Burt’s Bees fans (Natasha Otton: this means you), be sure to check out the new flavors sold…Winter is upon us.

Thus far, the bookstore seems to have received unanimous positive feedback. When asked for his opinion on the additions, Mr. Pete Gwyn comments, “Place rocks, Ms. A gets it done.”With a more extensive campus store, the Loomis Chaffee community is privileged with easily accessible essential items for boarding school life. Now that the community has allowed for our personal CVS success, only good things can be predicted from our upgraded campus store. Management invites all to follow @LoomisChaffeeBookstore on Instagram!