RePrint Sports: Stanley Cups Playoff

By Nina Gildor ’19

This year’s thrilling Stanley Cup Playoffs reflects the extremely exciting 2018 season. The Las Vegas expansion team shattered record after record throughout their incredible inaugural season and won the Pacific Division by 109 points. This underdog team defied all odds and had a real chance at taking the Championship title away from the returning victors, the Pittsburgh Penguins, who were looking for their third consecutive win.

        As the series commenced, round one already set the tone of a suspenseful and exhilarating playoff championship ranging from game seven tiebreakers to full blowout wins. In the Western Conference, the Predators, Jets, Sharks, and Golden Knights advanced to round two and knocked out the Avalanche, Wild, Ducks, and Kings. In all these matchups, the victors crushed their opponents, finishing off their series as early as game four.   

        Over in the Eastern Conference, there was no loss of excitement as both the Maple Leafs and Bruins had an extremely close series, tying 3-3,  and both going into Game 7 where the Bruins took the ultimate victory, winning seven to four and removing the Maple Leafs from the 2018 playoffs. However, the Lighting, Capitals, and Penguins also all continued their phenomenal season, eliminating the Devils, Blue Jackets, and Flyers, as each team progresses to round two.

     Looking ahead to round two of the playoffs, the match ups and games intensify as every goal begins to matter more. The Capitals will face the Penguins in a close series in the East as Ovechkin seeks redemption against the reigning champions. While the Golden Knights continue to push the boundaries and to set new standards for expansion teams in their first ever playoffs, playing for their loyal fans who have believed in them since the beginning.