RePrint Melange: Things we will Miss About the Pit and Look Forward to in the New Student Center

By Emma Goldfarb ’20

What Will We Miss About the Pit

  1.     The beautiful beachfront view from the library study rooms (getting homework done is easy with the relaxing construction noises)
  2.     Having a giant trash pit for our failed tests and papers
  3.     Construction fences provide cover to hide from the deans when out of dress code
  4.     Getting excused from being marked tardy by claiming you got lost on the quad
  5.     Desolate mudscape during the seemingly endless winter improved student morale

What We Look Forward to in the New Student Center

  1.     Being able to use our cell phones in the dining hall to communicate with our long lost classmates who are actually sitting at the same long, rectangular table
  2.     Coming up with creative names for our new building (the beautiful reign of SNIF will finally meet its demise)
  3.     Using the new 3D printers to make an army of mini deans (to keep everyone well-behaved)
  4.     Having grass again!! (yes, grass is still a thing)
  5.     The long anticipated comeback of family style! Yaaay!