Spring Dance Revue (Feature Article)

Spirit pulsed through the dancers as they stood backstage or in the overly-heated dressing rooms. Anticipation buzzed tempestuously amongst the audience in the darkness that preceded Dance Company II’s extravagant tap number “Don’t Mean A Thing”. Wowing the audience, the performers danced harmoniously to the 4/4 swing while the elegant clicks of their tap shoes resonated within the cozy walls of the NEO.

This year, beloved dance teacher Kate Loughlin once again led a dazzling spectacle. Dance Revue is a synthesis of the entire year’s work varying from dances created during fall term to brand new pieces choreographed in conjunction with visiting artists. Several highlights include “Little Black Dress” and “Rebourne” by the Dance Company I, the Martin Luther King, Jr. performance, the senior dancers performed “Final Tribute,” Dance Company II performed “The Way You Make Me Feel,” and the Jazz class performed “Footloose.” In addition, the performance included a wide range of performances, from student choreography from Hip-Hop to lyrical pieces and from tap to ballet. All dancers worked relentlessly to polish and refine each piece. “As a new person this year, it took a while to get used to dance at Loomis, but eventually it becomes a very memorable experience,” said Alice Chen ’21, a member of Dance Company II. “It’s very motivating to work with such talented people every day. We learn a lot of choreography, but we also have many chances to choreograph our own phrases. What makes dance a very unique sport is that we are working towards a final product to showcase, and it’s nice to look forward to the final result”. Everyone participating in the show, including the tech crew, dedicated their efforts towards bringing the show together in the stifling summer heat of the NEO. Ms. Kate reflected “This year the show just came together so smoothly, which was so great. It was also fabulous to see a wide variety of dances brought to the stage.”

In the end, the performance was a huge success. “I was amazed by how many people attended the show. Although being backstage was very stressful and often chaotic, I was ultimately quite satisfied with the end product. I really enjoyed performing for my classmates and teachers to show them all the work we completed during the year. Definitely a great overall experience,” commented Alice. Clara Chen ’21 commented, “We were unfortunate enough to have a three-day heat wave on the three days of the show, which made the dressing rooms very hot and sweaty… However, the entire experience was still very exciting. People backstage are all very supportive and help each other through the quick changes and its very satisfying to come off stage after the audience’s applause. Once you get on stage, the lights turn on, and you feel the energy of the audience, you kind of just naturally perform. Personally, I was a bit nervous for the opening tap number on opening night, but after the closing number during our final show, I was happy with how dance revue went and I had a lot of adrenaline left for the rest of the evening.”

At the conclusion of another year’s Dance Revue, Ms. Kate expressed,“It’s always great to hear the feedback. A huge part of why we do what we do is to entertain, and move the audience, and to prompt them to think. I found it incredibly great to hear all the visceral feedback after the show and hear teachers and students commenting.”

As the dancers partied to the beat of “Party Rock Anthem”, one couldn’t but help to feel that this year’s dance revue has yet again stunned the Loomis Community with its wealth of talent.

Written by: Kelly Xue ’21 (Contributor)