The Loomis Chaffee Walkout


Credit: Madeleine Hong

By Madeleine Hong

On Friday, April 20 the students of Loomis Chaffee walked out of their B4 classes to  gathered in Grubbs Quad and listen to a series of speeches pertaining to the pressing issue of gun violence and the importance of showing that the people whose lives have been taken because of school shootings, are just as important as those who stood there that day. That Friday was the “19th anniversary of the first American shooting,” stated Caroline Colao ‘18, one of the many students who spoke at this advent. At the walkout gathering, there were voices from both sides of this controversy, John Costello ‘18 believed that we should not allow the government the right to take away our ability to purchase guns because people would still find a way to have access to them. He encouraged us to “dive deeper into subjects, the facts, the ideas, both sides of the issues,” so we all can really understand the problem and not just believe the first thing we hear. He suggested that in order to solve this dilemma we need to be talking with each other, “our peers, our parents, the faculty members,” and later Anya Sastry ‘20 extends on that, explaining that we need to take action because all we are doing now is listening but “we can be change… we can be the catalyst for that moment,” this is all possible by getting involved by going to meetings and marches, a few example given were the March For Our Lives and the Black Lives Matter campaigns. “Change” by Christina Aguilera was sung by students to provoke the listeners to think about what they could be doing in the community to begin the revolution of change. The walkout on April 20 was a big step for the Loomis community to demonstrate that everyone should start looking for a way to rise up and make a difference during the critical time in the U.S.