Meet Your Commencement Speaker: Christopher K Norton ’76

Meet Your Commencement Speaker: Christopher K Norton 76

By: Anya Sastry

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On Sunday, May 27th, 2018, Christopher K. Norton will take the stage and speak at this year’s Commencement. Norton, who graduated from Loomis in 1976, spent his four years at Loomis as a boarding student. From three-season varsity athlete to student council representative to president of the Loomis Athletic Association, Norton was very involved throughout his Loomis career in various ways. Upon graduation, Norton received the Nathaniel Horton Batchelder Prize for Industry, Loyalty, and Integrity, which recognizes a student for their academic successes and numerous contributions to the Loomis community.


Norton took his dedication to Loomis past his graduation, serving as a leadership volunteer for his reunions, as well as the chair of the Board of Trustees for the past 14 years. During his time as the chair of the Board of Trustees, Norton headed highly influential advancements at Loomis, some of which were appointing Dr. Culbert as the Head of School and establishing the Norton Family Center for the Common Good.


Besides his commitment to Loomis, Norton has been very successful in his professional career. Initially starting out as a corporate bond manager at Goldman Sachs, Norton was eventually named partner in 1994. Norton is now the president of The Washington Center, an organization that provides internships and academic seminars to college and university students.


As for predictions concerning Chris Norton’s commencement speech, one can guess that he will reflect on his own time at Loomis, relating himself to the graduating students whom he will be addressing. He might also talk about how his Loomis education and experiences were able to help him throughout the years, in areas such as his professional career. One thing is certain, however; Christopher Norton’s commencement speech will be one for the books.