10 Ways You Can Be More Sustainable! (With Sporcle Quiz!)


1) Take shorter showers

Conserving water (a limited natural resource) is extremely important.

2) Turn off the faucet while your brushing your teeth

It’s really not that hard-plus you can save 200 gallons of water in a month.

3) Turn off the lights when you leave the room

Just do it.

4) Unplug cords when you are not using them

Cords constantly suck energy (vampire energy) from the outlets even if they aren’t being used to charge any devices.

5) Take the stairs


Get some exercise while you’re saving the planet!

6) Use a reusable travel mug


Americans throw out about 50 billion to-go coffee cups per year

7) Take a reusable shopping bag to the grocery store

Single-use plastic bags never just “disappear”, instead they end up in our oceans killing sea life and negatively impacting the environment

8) Buy local foods

Food miles, the distance our food travels from where it is grown/produced to where it is purchased and consumed, can be very harmful when high in number; this is because transportation over great distances takes a lot of energy and resources.

9) Share a fridge with a friend or use the common room fridge



 Fridges suck electricity and take a lot of energy and fossil fuels to maintain

10) Plant a tree


Trees produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, improving air quality.

Written by: Freya Rich ’20 (Web Staff Writer)