Earth Week on The Island!


Photo Credit: Stephanie Zhang’21

As the seasons slowly morph from winter to spring, flowers buds pop through the snow, seeking the slightly warmer weather. Spring is almost here, and Earth Week has dawned upon us!! The E-Proctors, Ag-Proctors, and Project Green Leaders have worked hard and planned a week filled with exciting and eco-friendly activities. According to the exciting agenda:

Monday (April 9th) Earth week convocation with Dr. Paula Kahumbu talking about her work and creation of the “Hands Off Our Elephants” program

Photo Credit: Stephanie Zhang’21

Tuesday (April 10th) Earth Day Yoga and a Dialogue in the Common Good during the community free in the Katharine Brush Library 

Friday (April 13th) Spirit Day with a group photo on Grubbs Quad and a screening of Mountainfilm On Tour

Sunday (April 15th) Students will get a chance to be involved in the Boomerang Bag open house, which presents the Boomerang Bad Initiative of Project Green, a student project where old clothes are used to make reusable bags. Regarding this collaboration, students will have a chance to create a bag themselves, while observing and learning about the initiative and process.

Throughout the week, students will also be able to sign pledges to become environment friendly and buy succulent plants for their room, as well as T-shirts.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Zhang’21

“This year, a joint meeting including E-Proctors, Ag-Proctors, and Project Green leaders was held to select the events in Earth week. Since Project Green is still relatively new, this is the first year that Project Green leaders were invited to contribute the meeting,” states Julianna Lee ‘19, an Ag-Proctor.

“Usually, the group sends out surveys, brainstorms together using post-it notes on a whiteboard, and votes on which events we would like to do,” she continues, “The convocation and film festival were two events that were pre-decided by Mr. Dyerson.”

“As for yoga, we knew we had to do it because there are two seniors certified in yoga that we could reach out to,” Julianna says.

Additionally, students at Loomis eagerly look forward to the interesting events.

“I’m looking forward to the Boomerang Bag open house, because the it sounds like a fun event to participate in,” says Manisha Bakshi ‘21.

“I am most looking forward to the convocation, because we get speakers that are very interesting. Some topics they talk about really open my mind and changes my perspective. I always walk away gaining new knowledge,” remarks Margot Korites ‘21.

Earth Week is packed full of events regarding the environment and sustainability. Students will have many opportunities to participate in various fun and eco-friendly activities to better the environment. The succulent plants sold during lunch will also be beautiful decorations in the dorm rooms. Yay earth!!

Written by: Stephanie Zhang ’21 (Web Staff Writer)